3 Ideas For Finishing Out The Year Strong

I’ve been hearing from a lot of actors that it’s been a bit slow for and people have asked me, “what can I do at the end of the year for my career if it’s slow, but I still wanna be proactive?” 3 ideas to get you going…

Express gratitude.

Send thank you notes to casting and people who have made a difference in your career this past year. A thank you goes a loooong way and it’s never too late to say it. Let them know what they did and why it mattered to you. Yes, you can thank casting via email or social media (as long as it’s a public profile) and don’t forget directors, producers, agents, managers, teachers and your fellow actors. If someone has supported you, take a moment to thank them. You will help strengthen your relationship and it’ll make you both have the warm and fuzzies. 


Write about your year. What went well for you this year? What didn’t? What did you learn about the craft? About the business? What wins did you have? (Both internal and external). Were you fully invested in your own success? If not, why not? (sometimes you will find very valid reasons and sometimes you may find you were just lazy or distracted. Be honest with yourself). What do you want to focus on for the final weeks of the year? 


Spend time with people you love. Take care of yourself. 

Hope you’re fabulous and if you’re not, sending you love. 

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