Coal In Your Stocking Vibes: You Got Dropped!

Holy December! How did we get here???

I did want to share that I’ve had a couple clients and friends recently get dropped by their team. It’s a bummer when it happens to you. I won’t lie. And it happens more frequently this time of year.  Companies evaluate their rosters and have to make tough choices. It isn’t always the most fun news to get going into the holiday season. 

BUT I want you to know –

If you get released, it does NOT mean you are a bad actor. 

It does NOT mean you won’t make it. 

It doesn’t even mean you weren’t a great client! 

I’ve been dropped before too and remained very friendly with my former rep.. They couldn’t get me out enough despite me being a great client and delivering awesome auditions.

Sometimes it’s just not a fit and guess what? That’s O-K-A-Y. 

Wouldn’t you rather they release you and let you know they don’t think they can support you the way they think you should be supported? Wouldn’t you rather know that it’s not a fit so you can go out and find someone who is?! I think they’re doing you a favor by being totally honest with you. You want the people on your team excited about you, right?! Right! 

And whether you were or weren’t dropped, if you’re looking for new reps –

Now is a great time to pitch! Reps are looking to get their rosters ready for pilot season (although we all know pilot season isn’t exactly what it used to be as it’s basically year round now, but still!) 

Just make sure you are following up with your rep pitches and follow up again in the New Year. Most everything closes down in this biz from about Dec 17th – 31st (and some ppl will still be out of town that first week in Jan) so I’d take a pause on the e-mailing then. 

And if you do have reps and you haven’t already told them you’re traveling for the holidays, let them know NOW by booking out. If you’re still able to self-tape and you wanna over your vaca, that’s cool too. Tell them that, but it’s also totally cool and IMO really important ,to sometimes completely take a BREAK. We all need to rest and recharge and this winter season is good time to do just that. 

Wishing you all much joy (and some end of the year bookings!) in these final weeks of 2022. I know I am SO ready to ring in the New Year! 

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