Guest Blog: When you feel frozen by Natalie Roy

All too often actors can feel stuck, or for the sake of winter…let’s say FROZEN.

What does it mean to freeze?

Water at ordinary temperatures contracts and increases in density as it is cooled, like most substances. But at about 4°C it reaches a maximum density and then decreases in density as it approaches the freezing point. 

This decrease in density is only about one part in 10,000 as it cools from 4°C to 0°C, but this is sufficient to cause the water near freezing to come to the top. The water further expands upon freezing, so that water freezes from the top down, and ice floats on water…

Stay with me….

We all want MOMENTUM.

We want to GROW, we want to EXPAND, and also, we are 50 – 70% WATER!!!!!  

And we know from nature that water expands when it is frozen.

Let’s think of what we can consider to be “frozen”.

Maybe “frozen” feels like slow times, like no money flowing in, like writers block, like feeling no progress in healthier communication with a partner, like others out getting all the auditions while we are binge watching Netflix.  Maybe frozen feels like trying to not be so jealous or on Facebook all the time.  Maybe frozen feels like you finally got an agent but are still not auditions, maybe frozen feels like finally booking co-stars but you can’t break the glass ceiling of guest stars, or the never ending submission of self tapes into the void,, or  maybe frozen feels like you are under the thick sheet of ice that everyone is skating merrily upon.



So PERHAPS a perspective shift for us here could be a game changer!

Perhaps what feels like stuck is actually the very moment of growth, expansion and becoming a bigger container, deep enough and wide enough to hold the success on the way.

Maybe it doesn’t mean we are stuck.

Maybe it means we are growing at rapid pace.

We are crystalizing.

Boiling water evaporates.

When we get too “hot” we can’t hold on.

We get overwhelmed.

We collapse.

We lose our momentum.

We end up needed time off, rest or we end up sick.

So for all of us in our deep freeze right now, what if we could ask different questions of it.  

We know from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments that water that as it was freezing was talked to lovingly, ended up being works of art filled with the most incredible crystal formations.  Water that was mistreated or yelled at when freezing got murky and dull.

 What are we telling ourselves (as we too are mostly water)?

Where do you feel frozen?

How could this freeze be growing or changing you?

What is it here to crystalize in you?

With love and gratitude,

Natalie Roy

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