Jenna’s Favorites

***Please be aware some of these are affiliate links so I may receive compensation,

but I promise they really are my favorites! 

Actor Business

  • Demo Reels For Actors editing service creates captivating actor reels that will bump up your marketing kit to the next level!
    Founder, Jessica Alexandra Green, boasts over 20 years of industry experience, and has the unique advantage of being both an actor and a film editor.
    This rare blend of skills empowers Jessica to identify the very best moments from your previous acting work, and expertly weave them into a compelling narrative that brilliantly showcases your talent. Use discount code: ACTORSRISE for 10% off your reel.

Staying Informed

  • My favorite newsletter is #5SmartReads by Hitha Palepu. She shares great articles from political to entertainment and recommendations on books. Check it out here
  • Scott Heller of The New York Times’ newsletter for Theater fans. Theater IS back baby and Scott Heller has all the best recommendations for what to watch and what the heck is happening. Subscribe here!
  • Book Perk! So my bestie reads more than anyone I know (though Nathalia may give her a run for her money) and she has turned me onto Book Perks! Book perks alerts you to all the awesome deals for books (like $1.99-2.99 popular books) and even better the alerts are totally FREE! You can sign up here: https://www.harpercollins.com/pages/bookperk If you’re sick of giving out your email address, you can also follow them on IG: www.instagram.com/dailyebookdeals


  • Teleties! OK friends with long-ish hair, YOU NEED TO BUY THESE HAIR TYES. I’ve been using Teleties for years. Try out Teleties and get 10% off using my link HERE and code: PARTNER10 


  • GROVE.CO I’ve been using Grove.co since 2017! I am pretty obsessed. If you are looking for a way to lessen your carbon footprint and get earth friendly products shipped directly to your door – this is the place! I love this company. It’s a subscription service, but you can push your cart whenever you want. It’s wayyyy better than using Amazon. They have stuff for home, skincare, pets, baby, etc. You can use my referral code to get a FREE gift set of Mrs Myers (another one of my favorite brands!) Just click here.

Some of my other favorite products I purchase from Grove.co:


  • ClassPass! My girlfriends and I started using ClassPass back when it first launched and I lived in NYC in 2014 and I am still a member!! If you’re in a workout rut, sick of your routine or not in a routine at all – you can try an online class or in-person! I love ClassPass cause you don’t just have to commit to one studio, you can take everything from Barry’s to Pure Barre to even use your credits towards facials or spa appointments like a well deserved massage. Check it out here. 



  • Working in Pomodoros! Want to get more stuff done in your day? Using the Pomodoro Technique has helped me immensely. I’m otherwise easily distracted by my millions of open tabs, texts, etc. If you don’t know what the technique is it’s basically a way of working that keeps you focused and will help you get SHIT done! It’s traditionally 25 minutes of work on one task and 5 minutes off x 4 and then a 30 minute break. I LOVE it. I’ve passed this technique onto many of my clients and use it in our group work sessions and everyone gets loads done. Pro tip: make sure to do some stretching and get up and move around on your 5 minute break – that helps to keep me motivated!  Learn more about The Pomodoro Technique: What It Is and Why It Works (Todoist)