Below you’ll find loads of resources that have helped me, my clients and thousands of readers get ahead in their careers! Whether you’re curious exactly how I choose a scene for a CD workshop or you just want to have some resources that’ll inspire you on your journey - this is the place for you.

Strike Support & Info

Financial support, news, resources, and more to get you through! #SAGAFTRASTRONG


Ditch the “struggling actor” mindset. Being broke is the worst way to pursue this career. No matter what your financial situation is, there are things you can do to create change & make $$$, honey. Start here.

Jenna’s Favorites

These are my absolute favorite tools, teachers and essential actor items (as well as some random things too) that have helped me stay sane, smell good and seem somewhat together!

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Being an actor does not have to be so hard. You can actually love the journey if you take care of your whole self. Here are some resources to help.


The best books for actors, from business to the craft to the history of filmmaking, and so much more. Get cozy with a cat and some tea – it’s time to read.


These acting podcasts are the ones that will keep you informed, inspired and engaged on your journey – or at least your walk around the block.

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