What I Wish I’d Done Differently As a Young Actor (And What I’m Glad I Did)

“The only thing constant is change” – that’s what my tea bag note said to me just now. Truth. Lots of changes happening in my life right now. In my body at 37+ weeks pregnant, in my home, my family, career…. so many shifts. 

How do we embrace these changes? Some of them are painful – loss of youth, death, grieving the way things used to be (simpler, easier) and some are so joyful – new life, acceptance of where you’re at, knowledge, not second guessing yourself so much, freedom…

I’ve been reflecting on some things I am really proud of myself for doing in the past as an actor and some things wish I had done differently as a “young” actor – I use this term loosely. I’m reflecting back on some of my time in NYC right after college and some of my time in LA in my mid-late 20’s and even early 30’s – yes, I am older than you think 😉 Maybe you’ll relate to some of my thoughts  (would love to hear from you if you do) or maybe you can save yourself from some of the mistakes I made. 

Things I Wish I’d Done Differently As a Young Actor

  • Hadn’t tied up my entire identity in being an actor 
  • Spent all that money on CD workshops and not followed up with people 
  • Had stopped IMDBing everyone immediately after I met them to see what they’d booked and who their reps were before I found out who they were as people 
  • Not held on so tightly 
  • Took a business of acting class sooner (didn’t even know this was a thing for a long time) 
  • Found more joy in my auditions and less “trying to get it right” 
  • Stopped waiting for the second take and the re-direct 
  • Pitched to reps sooner (for years I didn’t even know this was something i could do!) 
  • Took an improv class sooner (I was too scared for too long!) 
  • Called my mom more 

Things I’m Glad I Did when I was a Young Actor 

  • Really gave a shit about the craft. Took lots of classes. 
  • Wasn’t jaded. Asked a lot of questions. 
  • Worked on the other side of the industry – was co-artistic director of a downtown theater festival called Planet Connections, worked for an Off Broadway producer and then worked for a commercial casting director
  • Stayed up late in NYC out dancing with my friends
  • Took a ton of CD workshops and actually followed up with people (yes, this was on my other list too. at first i didn’t follow up, but once i did. #gamechanger – so grateful to my past self for doing that and building relationships) 
  • Had lots of non-industry friends who were super supportive 
  • Paid too much for theater tickets I couldn’t really afford 
  • Acted in shitty shows with shitty scripts and met amazing people 

Be kind to your past and present self. 

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