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A Quick Note From Me…

Mental health has had a stigma for far too long, but NO MORE!!! Let’s all celebrate taking care of ourselves and prioritizing self-care *and I’m not talking bubble baths & wine*

Below you’ll find the best resources I know to support you in being a happy and healthy actor. Acting takes so much. We use our emotions. We dive deep into characters. We invest in our careers both financially and emotionally and it sometimes takes years before we see a big return on that investment. In order to continue on, we have to take care of ourselves – our whole selves! I hope you find this info valuable. I know I have!

I recommend you scroll down and look through all the categories before you dig in.

Suicide Prevention 

The national suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255


My #1 Recommendation

My #1 recommendation is definitely The Actor’s Fund. It is such an incredible resource and highly under utilized by most actors. They have so many services for us from mindset workshops to access to social workers, housing placement, budgeting classes (which are amazing – I’ve taken them!) and so much more.

Did you know The Actors Fund has been around since 1882 to help not only actors, but musicians, dancers, opera singers, radio personalities?! They have offices in NY, LA and Chicago and serve actors all over the US with their online programs.

Therapy Resources

I have a therapist. I love him. It took me years to find someone. I wish I’d gone sooner. I highly recommend all people, but especially actors talk to a professional at some point in their lives. It’s OK to ask for help. Why not start looking today?

Actor Specific Mindset Work 

  • The Actor Mindset Podcast is a place to learn techniques for a healthier headspace and hear inspirational stories so that you can maintain hope for the long haul in your career. LISTEN HERE.
  • Actress and coach Wendy Braun has created two free meditations for actors. Download here.

Let’s get happy!

Articles and info to increase your overall levels of positivity and happiness.

When will this pandemic be over?!!!! Help me cope with it resources!

Stress Relievers

Free Meditation for all!

Resources for BIPOC

If you’d like to recommend a resource for this page – please email us at ActorsRise@gmail.com.