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  • NON-UNION MEMBERS STRIKE INFO (@ericabreamcast)

  • Additional info on both strikes, including contracts and info for foreign actors HERE. (Compiled by Vongai Shava @vongaiofficial)

  • “SAG-AFTRA members, here’s everything you need to know about the TV/Theatrical/Streaming Strike.” Read the post HERE! (@sagaftra)

  • Picket Schedule & Locations (just select your local!)
    “The picket line is where we show employers and the community our solidarity and resolve. Your presence makes all the difference. It’s critical that you show up — no one will strike for you — and a large turnout lets employers know that we will not be ignored. Plus, it’s a great chance to build camaraderie with your fellow members.” –

  • SHOP OFFICIAL STRIKE MERCH! This is the official website for SAG-AFTRA strike gear, such as tanks, tees and mugs. A $5 donation from each item goes directly to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, which provides emergency financial assistance to SAG-AFTRA members in need. Check it out HERE!
  • “WAG-AFTRA” (PET SWAG) FOR THE PICKET LINES. Grab your pets some swag and take them out to picket with you! Created by a union actor and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Entertainment Community Fund! Grab your “WAG-AFTRA Strong” products here.

  • A GENTLE REMINDER: The union is asking us not to promote any AMPTP produced work on social media. Here is the official language from SAG-AFTRA, “You cannot promote struck work or struck companies on social media”. I know this can be a little confusing, but that means if there is a movie that is coming out/just came out that you’re excited about i.e. Barbie or Oppenheimer, don’t post promotional things about it on social media. The union also says, “Influencers should refrain from posting on social media about any struck work regardless of whether they are posting organically or in a paid capacity.” And yes, this applies to you whether you are union or non-union if you’d like to someday join the union.


Things to share with those not in the biz who don’t get it.


Savvy Strikers on Social

  • So you wanna picket but you don’t know where to start? (@realelizabethho)
  • “The billionaires are calling US unrealistic?” Watch HERE! (@adamconover)

  • “For @sagaftra actors (and @directorsguild directors, @wgawest @wgaeast writers, @iatse crews, @teamsters drivers), this is where the studios and streamers’ use of #AI is going to land us.” Read the post HERE.(@_justinebateman_)

  • “Some of the discourse around the #SAGstrike reminds me of an assumption about actors that I’ve come across for most of my life.” Read the full thread HERE! (@ellen_adair)

  • 5 important things to know about the SAG-AFTRA strike(@thecastingdirectorscut)


Strike News



  • FAQ’s for Podcasters (SAG-AFTRA)
  • AUDREY HELPS ACTORS: SAG-AFTRA Strike Week One – Elizabeth Ho. “This week Audrey Moore talks with actress/badass Liz Ho to discuss the beginning of the strike, best practices, and what to expect going forward.” Listen here!
  • THE PERFORMANCE CAPTURE PODCAST. Their “STRIKE SPECIAL” Episode with SAG board and committee member Zeke Alton explains specifically about Performance Capture work with regards to the current strike, the concerns for Data sharing and AI. Plus they discuss the topic of gaming residuals and wages for actors working in performance capture for video games, tv and feature films. Don’t miss it. This episode will air exclusively on their Patreon but you do not have to be a member to access this episode, they made it public! Listen to the strike episode HERE! Want to know more about it and get links to the seasons via Spotify and more? Click here!




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