Time to update you

I haven’t shared this publicly yet and I feel like it’s time…

I’m going back to school to become a therapist. There, I said it! 

It has felt really shitty not sharing this cause I feel like I’ve been lying to you keeping this part of myself separate. 

I am incredibly excited about this massive life change. I have grown a lot over the past few years – losing my mom and becoming a mom, realizing acting is no longer what I want to do with my life, and it has all led me to this new path.

I can’t tell you how ready I am to embark on this adventure and help people in a new way. 

But I want to be very clear – leaving acting and going back to school to become a therapist  does not make me a quitter. It doesn’t make me a bad actor who “couldn’t hack it” or any less of a dreamer. I will always be an actor. It’s important to me that I say all of this to you ‘cause if you ever want to make a change in your life or career… I want you to know that it’s more than OK to do it. 

As I always tell my clients,

“It is your life. You get to decide. Not your parents, grandparents, or teachers, but YOU cause you have to live with yourself every day. It is YOUR life.”

And for some of you, you may decide to go back to school at some point too. Or you may decide you want to stop acting for a bit and do something else and then return to it later. You may just want to add in something to your life. It is all more than OK. Actors can do all kinds of things! We have so many skills that make us valuable in the world – our empathy, listening, and communication skills being coveted by many. 

I have been honored to work with actors and support you on your goals as a career coach, but I am ready to take the work deeper and in order to do that, I need the proper training. 

All this being said, I shared with my clients that at the end of May I will be permanently closing down my membership for actors, the Actor’s HomeBase. It’s bittersweet. This community has been such a beautiful gift to me.  

Thank you in advance for your support of this next chapter in my life. I’ll be reaching out for referrals as soon as I get my license. 😉 



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