Where are you at? And where do you want to be?

Dare I say that I’m feeling strike optimistic! At the time of writing this, the latest in the trades is “SAG-AFTRA & Studios’ Negotiations “In The Final Stretch” Amid Optimism, But No Deal Tonight” (Deadline). 

I also feel like I am choosing optimism cause at this point, anything else is just depressing. Also, I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted! Is it the sleep deprivation from having an 8 month old or the on-going whiplash of the pandemic followed by the strike and the stop and start and stop and start of negotiations?! I couldn’t tell you at this point! 

I do know I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting during this time and I’ve been encouraging my clients to do the same. If this strike *is* going to end soon. **fingers crossed please, please end with a great deal** Then you gotta check in with yourself and ask yourself – where are you at? And where do you want to be?

Journaling tends to be helpful for these kinds of things so I thought I’d share with you a few of the questions I’ve asked myself and my clients. Feel free to use these questions and maybe share your answers with a supportive friend. 

  • What are 6 things I am proud of myself for doing during the strikes? **We cannot build upon success that we don’t acknowledge!**
    • These can be personal or professional things
    • i.e. taking my first Groundlings class, following up with that director I met, prioritizing my finances and saving money, taking two weeks to visit my family and really be present with them, showing up regularly on the picket lines. 
  • If I’m being honest with myself, what’s something I know was doable and would have helped my career, but I didn’t do during this time? What was holding me back? 
  • What are 3 goals for one year from the end of the strike? 
    • Make them measurable. i.e. Saying “I want to be a successful actor” isn’t something you can measure. It may help you to think about goals in different categories like craft, career, creative or financial. Don’t take on too much. One goal and really focusing in on it is great too! 
  • What are small action steps I can take today in order to make progress towards my goals? 
  • What is my why? (ya know, the reason why you do this)

Would love to hear what these questions bring up for you so feel free to drop me a line. And if you’re feeling super stuck on how to move forward through some of the things that come up for you, reach out to someone who is a little further along in their career – ask them for coffee, speak to your acting teacher, read about the industry (a great place to start is this blog post, “How to change your luck in Hollywood” by talent manager/producer Brian Medavoy), of course talk to your team if you have one or consider working with a career coach. Just remember, if we’ve learned anything during these strikes, we really are all in it together!

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